List of People

MIG and POND group photo 2016 (in Bath, England)


Academic staff:

Research Associates:

Post-graduate students


  • Dr. Colleen Bailey (RA: 2013-2017). Now Research Associate at Sunnybrook Research Institute.
  • Dr. Torben Schneider (PhD Completed 2012; RA: 2012-2014). Now clinical scientist with Philips Medical Systems.
  • Dr. Alessandro Proverbio (PhD completed 2014). Now scientific officer in the nuclear decommissioning industry.
  • Dr. Matt Rowe (PhD completed 2014). Working in a medical imaging SME in London.
  • Dr. Uran Ferizi (PhD completed 2014). Research Associate at New York University.
  • Dr. Simon Richardson (PhD completed 2014).
  • Dr. Bernard Siow (RA: 2008-2014). Director of MRI Unit at the Francis Crick Institute.
  • Dr. Matt Hall (RA: 2012-2014). Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Child Health, UCL.
  • Dr. Gemma Nedjati-Gilani (PhD Completed 2012; RA: 2012-2014). Research Associate at Imperial College London.
  • Dr. Jania Aghajanian (RA: 2011). Became an Internal Consultant at Ab Initio.
  • Dr. Hubert Fonteijn (RA: 2007-2010). Took a full time position back in the Netherlands at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Nijmegen.
  • Kiran Seunarine (PhD Completed 2011). Now Research Associate in the Radiology and Physics Unit at the Institute of Child Health, UCL.
  • Bai Yu (PhD Completed 2009). Now Research Scientist at The Global R&D Center(Shanghai), Carestream Health Inc. in Shanghai, China.
  • Tony Shepherd (PhD Completed 2009). Now post-doc researcher in image modelling and analysis working in Turku, Finland, for The Turku PET centre on treatment planning in oncology.
  • Chris Senanayake (PhD Completed 2009). Now Senior Systems Engineer at Boston Scientific, Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) in St Paul, Minnesota.
  • Shahrum Nedjati-Gilani (PhD Completed 2009; RA 2009-2010). Now post-doc in the Division of Imaging Sciences, King's College London.
  • Phil Cook (PhD Completed 2006; RA 2005-2006). Now post-doc at PICSL, Dept. Radiology, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Kathleen Curran (PhD Completed 2005). Now lecturer in the School of Medicine and Medical Science at University College Dublin.