3 Postdoctoral Opportunities

Please find below details of 3 Research Associate positions we are currently advertising for at the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing. Closing date is 22 January 2018.

The positions are:

1. Research Associate/Senior Research Associate in Medical Image Computing (Grade 7/8)

Microstructure Imaging Group. The focus of this position is on the development of new deep learning techniques for enhancing imaging capabilities in sub-Saharan Africa, carried out within the UK Government’s Global Challenges research initiative. UCL ref. 1704193.

2. Research Associate/Senior Research Associate in Histological Image Analysis for Prostate Cancer (Grade 7/8)

Microstructure Imaging Group. This post will be focused on developing novel computational methods and machine learning techniques to analyse prostate histological images and learn a mapping between them and patient outcome. UCL ref. 1704279.

3. Research Associate/Senior Research Associate in Computational Modelling of Neurological Disease Progression (Grade 7/8)

POND Group. The new post is funded by the Horizon 2020 EuroPOND project and is focused on building data-driven computational-and-statistical modelling of neurological disease progression such as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. UCL ref. 1704206.

Please feel free to contact Prof. Daniel Alexander for informal inquiries, and to pass on the details to anyone you think may be interested.

PhD Studentship Opportunities

Specific project studentships we currently have available:

  • "Designing user interfaces to support front-end clinical decision-making in neurodegenerative disease: Bridging from research to practice".
    • Industry-sponsored studentship in collaboration between CMIC, UCLIC and Icometrix - a healthcare engineering company based in Leuven, Belgium; the studentship aligns with the Horizon 2020 – EuroPOND European project.
    • Deadline for application: 15/07/2016.
    • For details and application see PRiSM - The Opportunity Portal.
    • Contacts: Prof Daniel Alexander (d.alexander@ucl.ac.uk); Dr Anna Cox (anna.cox@ucl.ac.uk); Dr Sara Garbarino (s.garbarino@ucl.ac.uk); Dr Dominic Furniss (d.furniss@ucl.ac.uk).
  • "Multi-Modal Data Analysis and Modelling in Dementia and the Arts".
    • Studentship in collaboration between CMIC and DRC - a hub for clinical research into various forms of dementia; the studentship is part of 2016–2018 residency in The Hub at Wellcome Collection
    • Deadline for application: 05/08/2016.
    • For details and application see PRiSM - The Opportunity Portal.
    • Contact: Dr Nicholas C. Firth (nicholas.firth@ucl.ac.uk).

More generally, students from the UCL Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging often join MIG so, if you are interested generally in PhD study in our area, we advise you to apply for that program. Here are some projects we are offering within that program, although you should note that this program does not guarantee that you will be assigned your first choice project:

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of the above.